General information: SONA was founded in 1980 by neuroscience researchers of Southern Ontario. The membership includes all those interested in neuroscience research from molecular and cellular neuroscience, through invertebrate neurobiology to mammalian and human brain and behaviour. The purpose of the Association is to (1) advance our understanding of the structure and function of the nervous system, (2) bring together neuroscience researchers, both faculty and students from nearby universities, (3) provide opportunity for promotion of neuroscience education, (4) and to provide an opportunity for social contacts among researchers and their students, as well as graduate students and their future supervisors, advisors, and external referees.

    Organization of the meeting: The SONA meeting is organized as a one-day event on May 7th, 2010, filled with talks, poster presentations and time for social interactions in an informal, friendly atmosphere. Abstracts of the oral and poster presentations will be published in a booklet and distributed to all registrants as a permanent record of the meeting event.

    Registration is at 8:30 a.m. in the Academic South Complex of the Brock University main campus with talks beginning at 9:15 a.m. The meeting will have two keynote speakers, a section of 20-min oral presentations, and a general poster session. Details of the program as well as maps and directions to Brock will be sent in a second announcement. Anyone, who has received this announcement through another colleague and who would like to receive further information is asked to send his or her email address to Dr. Stefan M. Brudzynski, email: sbrudzyn@brocku.ca.